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In today’s world, successful new products demand advancements in design, manufacturing processes, and end-use performance. Industrial engineering and design professionals around the world depend on Adhesive Technologies to help their design beyond the limits of mechanical fasteners to create next-generation products.,game-co-tuong-offline-hay-nhat

kw88-smartwatch-price-in-sri-lanka,There are many types of adhesive technology used all over the world, each type is different in not only bonding strength but also the resistance ability in a difficult environment as high temperature, humidity, out-door environment. In general, adhesives could be categorized in some main types as following:

♦ Epoxy adhesives: come in both two-part adhesives (that cure upon mixing the two components) and one-part adhesives (that cure with temperature).


bóng-đá-tv-apk,◊ Highest strength and overall performance.

◊ Provide the best resistance to high temperatures, solvents and outdoor weathering.,xóc-đĩa-tài-xỉu

◊ Well bonding to metals, woods and concrete, and the flexible epoxy adhesives also bond to some plastics and rubbers.,tvnet.lv-ziņas

◊ Usually requiring clean, abraded surfaces to obtain maximum bond strength.,cá-cược-trên-nimo

♦ Acrylic adhesive: are two-part adhesives or no-mix adhesives that provide excellent bond strength and durability, although slightly lower that epoxy adhesives. However, they have several features that make them easier to use in many applications and manufacturing processes.


2K Acrylic Adhesive

games-nhập-vai,◊ Much faster cure speed

◊ Higher tolerance for oily or unprepared bonding surfaces and the ability to bond a wide variety of materials, including nearly all plastics,8-ball-pool-game-offline

bong-da-24h,◊ Room temperature stable with a long shelf life

◊ Much lower odor than regular acrylic adhesives,casino-slots-that-are-free

No-mix Acrylate Adhesive

tai-lieng,◊ Long open-time and rapid cure

bet88.go,◊ Good adhesion with minimum surface preparation

◊ High process flexibility,premier-league-là-giải-đấu-gì

◊ Suitable for high production speed,roulette-châu-âu-e

◊ High toughness,jbo-việt-nam

nổ-hũ-tam-quốc-chí,◊ Good long-term durability

♦ Urethane adhesive: are two-part adhesives that are relatively flexible when cured.


◊ Have excellent impact resistance and good adhesive to most plastics,kết-quả-mega-6/55

slot-casino-apk-mod,◊ Bond well to woods, concrete and rubbers

◊ Tend to have reduced resistance to solvents and high temperatures,win88-bóng-đá

◊ Uncured adhesive components are sensitive to moisture,cách-chơi-bài-cào-ăn

♦ Cyanoacrylate adhesive: (instant adhesives) are onecomponent, lower viscosity liquids that cure extremely quickly with just contact pressure and surface moisture.


◊ Adhere well, with thin bond lines, to plastics, metals and rubbers, and even low surface energy plastics and elastomers,thứ-5-xổ-số-quảng-bình

◊ Low flexibility, peel strength and impact resistance compared to other structural adhesives,game-da-bong

vegas-2020-election-odds,◊ Generally used for applications such as gasket bonding and smaller assemblies

♦ Anaerobic adhesive: are one-part adhesives that cure on active metal surfaces when oxygen gets excluded from the bond line


games-ô-tô-hay,◊ Reducing maintenance and leakage

◊ Primarily used for applications such as locking threads and sealing pipe connections,bắt-cá-2-tay-tiếng-trung

◊ Not bond well to glass, plastics or rubbers,black-jack-in

♦ PUR adhesive: (Polyurethane-reactive adhesives) are one-part adhesives that apply like a hot-melt, but cure with ambient moisture for near structural strength bonds


◊ Fast set times and build strength,ngọc

◊ Flexible and resistant to temperature extremes and most solvents,nba-x-louis-vuitton

◊ Commonly used in bonds where at least one substrate contains or transmits moisture (such as wood or plastic),1-sân-chơi-thể-thao-có-chu-vi

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