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Protect electronics in three simple steps with sustainable, cost-effective: LPM Machine – LPM Mold Sets – LPM Service


Electronic components need to be protected against moisture, dust dirt, vibration, and even temperature. Low Pressure Molding is an advanced method to take charge of this function with a gentle but reliable encapsulation around the electronic assemblies, especially the delicate ones.,chọi-gà-casino



  • Sustainable and reworkable 1K Materials
  • Excellence of moisture, chemical and high-temperature resistance; Watertight encapsulation; Good mechanical strength
  • Simple process – fast cycle times


five88-là-gì,GLUMO Low Pressure Molding Solution is able to solve almost all of challenges raising during process of traditional potting, sealing and conformal coating for electronic protecting application.

Traditional electronic protecting method Challenges GLUMO Low Pressure Molding game bài pokemon

Material mixing required – complicated 2K Mixing System One-part material – No mixing require
Non – reworkable material Reworkable
Material range limited Translucent materials avalable for optical inspection
Large equipment investmetn and footprint Light-weight and simple system
8-step potting process 3-step molding process
24-72 hours for curing schedule 30 sec. – 2 min. cycle times
Rigid protection Stain-relief protection
5 – 7 BOM part numbers in inventory Only one materials – Green technology, no VOC

Limited by housing dimentions; space constaints No-housing
48-72 hours for curing schedule 30 sec. – 2 min. cycle times
Up to 6 process steps 3-step molding process
5 – 7 BOM part numbers in inventory Only one materials – Green technology, no VOC
Conformal Coating

Very limited mechanical strength Temperature, vibration, impact and chemical resistance; Watertight encapsulation; Good mechanical strength
4 – 12 hours cure schedule 30 sec. – 2 min. cycle times
Up to 8 process steps 3-step molding process
3 – 4 BOM part numbers in inventory Only one materials – Green technology, no VOC


Disadvantage GLUMO game bài pokemon
High initial investment in equipment Buy Discount Equipment
Small-quantity production Low Pressure Molding Service
Urgent Problem Local Service
Installation, Maintenance and Training


Industrial Sensors and Components

  • Door Sensor
  • Connectors
  • Security tokens
  • Microinverters
  • Monitoring systems
  • Switches
  • Optical encoders
  • Electronic controllers
  • Moisture sensors
  • Power regulators
  • baccarat australia motors


  • Automotive sensors
  • Temperature sensor
  • Medical sensor
  • Engine control units
  • Security sensor
  • Outdoor batteries

LED/ Lighting

  • LED nodes
  • Industrial sensor
  • Automotive lighting
  • Smart meter systems
  • Solar unit
  • Sensor with LED
  • Lighting display board
  • Consumer LED unit
  • LCD screen

Our detailed products: https://gluditec.com/product-category/low-pressure-molding-machine/

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