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The Mxbon® 22613 is a low blooming and low odor cyanoacrylate adhesive, and it is specially formulated for the assembly of a variety of plastic, metal and rubbers. It will highly polymerize with moisture in the air for a fast cure and meet the highest industrial standards. Mxbon® 22613 product does not contain solvent and use in demanding applications where exceptional performance characteristicsare required. They include resistance to most types of environmental exposures, moderate heat, aging and many different chemicals, as well as high strength and fatigue resistance. Mxbon® 22613 is a single component system and does not require heat, mixing, clamps and the use of a catalyst. When a thin layer of Mxbon® 22613 applied between two surfaces comes into contact with atmospheric moisture, a rapid polymerization occurs producing the ultimate bond strength. It is attractive not only technically but economically.,đua-xe-hoạt-hình

Base 2-Methoxyethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate
Appearance Transparent, colorless to straw liquid
Components Single part – requires no mixing or heating
Specific Gravity @ 25℃ 1.1
Cure Moisture
Flash point See SDS
Application Bonding
Viscosity, Brookfield @25℃ mPa.s (cP) 1500-2500 (ISO 3104/3105)
Service temperature range -54~100℃ (-65~212℉
Full cure (hrs) 24

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