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Soldering Material is now a familiar term with electronics manufacturers as it is an indispensable material in fabrication. There are more and more used methods in the soldering process such as SMT, through-hole with different technical levels as well as materials.,bí-quyết-bắt-kèo-bóng-đá

Under the high pressure of environmental issues in some countries such as the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, the soldering materials are developed to eliminate some components (Lead-Free) that take a negative effect on the environment so as to meet strict export regulation of these potential markets.,lô-đề-3-miền

zing-play-pc-download,See our Lead-Free material here.

Depending on the process and requirements in the end-products, we could list out and differentiate types of material as following:,lời-bài-bạc-phận

Solder wire Solder paste
Solder bar Flux



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