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Features products: TAD 101, Robot 2205BT, Robot 4500BT.


game-poker-for-pc-windows-7,Pros Technology is your “one stop” professional provider for all your dispensing needs. We provide systems for controlled dispensing of all liquids and pastes from manual units to fully automatic fluid dispensing systems.

We offer complete solutions from manual short run applications to automating a bench assembly operation or for integration in a larger in-line process.,slots-casino-download

Single-Part dispensing system may included:,g-football-position

sky-bet-advert-2021,The system can be easily configured to support your demands from semi-automatic to fully PLC controlled dispensing processes. 

kèo-bóng-đá-vòng-loại-world-cup-châu-á,Below are some examples of single part dispensing systems:

Semi-auto system: TAD 101 system for syringe dispense system; TAD 102 system for 300ml cartridge dispense ;TAD 103 system ; TAD 104 system;

Fully automated system: you can easily combine above system with variant working area robot system to achieve fully controlled dispensing process. Available working area from WxD 200mm x 200mm to WxD 900mm x 900mm. Cartesian robot application TAD 233;Robot integrated dispensing system


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